Best Ancient Greece Games

Visit Ancient Greece while playing games? Yes, gamers can become scholars by playing these games with realistic backdrops. Recommended by a Greek in the Greek Reporter.

Spartan Wars: Blood And Fire — A real-time mobile game with very high reviews.

Hegemony Gold: Wars Of Ancient Greece

Rale-time video game with battle strategy of Phillip II of Macedonia.

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits — You too can be a god or goddess.

0 A.D. — Free, open-source real-time strategy video game full of historical facts.

Okhlos — Features action oriented scholar out to destroy the gods.

Zeus: Master Of Olympus — City building game based upon ancient Greek mythology.

Spartan: Total Warrior — Defend ancient Greece from the Roman empire.

Age of Mythology — Ancient Greek as well as Egyptian and Norse mythology in this real-time strategy game.

300: March to Glory — Based upon the comic book and the movie. Be Leonidas!

God of War — Kratos leaves a trail of blood while completing quests against the ancient Greek gods.

Odyssey – Assassin’s Creed — Especially authentic in portraying Athens as a colorful and vibrant large city.

See a collection of scenes in this post: Assassin’s Creed

So, move on to more serious studying or back to your game or . . .

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