Enjoy true adventure, rich history, and unforgettable scenery with these incredible iconic sites of ancient Greece. A visit to one or more of these locations will increase your understanding and appreciation of the foundations of western culture.


Perhaps you’re going to tour the mainland, or on your way from the port of Piraeus to the Greek islands. However and whenever you do it, take time to see Athens. No other city has retained so much of its ancient history. To walk its streets, to wander around the acropolis and other areas really does take you back in time.


Poor Bassae! It seems to be missed out of many tours of ancient Greece. It lies south of Olympia, and is mostly visited by independent travelers. The setting doesn’t have the majestic grandeur of Delphi, or the serenity of Olympia, but is quite bleak with ravines surrounding it and wild countryside –perfect for some.


You shouldn’t miss ancient Corinth. It’s easy to reach from Athens, and is on the way to other sites such as Mycenae and Epidavros. Corinth was one of the major cities of antiquity. It was made up of three parts; the acropolis on the hill (Acrocorinth), the city itself on a lower plateau, and its port (Lechaion) on the coast. All this was protected by a wall which ran for 20km (over 12 miles).


Today Delphi may be the most impressive of all the ancient sites, but its rise to popularity was due to human nature, and specifically the question “what does the future hold?”. That’s why everyone, from ordinary folk to kings and politicians made a point to travel there to try and find out what their chances of success were in various ventures. The ‘delphic oracle’ was regularly consulted on matters both insignificant and of major political importance.


Eleusis was one of the great shrines of antiquity. Its practices were based on two goddesses, Demeter and Persephone. These secret rites were so protected that any initiates who revealed them would be put to death, as would any non-initiates who entered the sanctuary.


The Theatre of Epidauros is one of the marvels of ancient Greece. Its position in the hills of the Argolid, surrounded by pine trees and oleanders, and its well preserved state make it a highlight of any visit to Greece. When you first see the theatre, its size is the main thing which hits you.


Mycenae rich in gold”

So wrote (or sang) Homer about Mycenae, as he told the story of the conflict between the ancient Greeks and Trojans. Who has not heard of the exploits of Achilles, or the Wooden Horse of Troy?


It is amazing that ancient Olympia existed at all. The Greeks were constantly at war with one another. And that was when they weren’t fighting the Persians. Someone once described the ancient Greek way of life as ” a period of perpetual warfare punctuated by outbreaks of peace”.


Situated near the site of Mycenae, Tiryns is a cyclopean fortress on a low hill in the centre of the Argolid plain. Many organized tour companies ignore it, preferring only to visit Mycenae. It’s not in such a magnificent setting as Mycenae, but it’s a well preserved example of ancient military architecture, and well worth a visit


Cape Sounion and its temple were always a welcome sight for sailors as they approached Athens. Perched on the heights of the cape, the temple was appropriately dedicated to the god of the sea, Poseidon. The beauty of the remains of the temple and its situation were not lost on the english poet, Lord Byron. A pleasant day trip out of Athens.


Three ancient cultures in present-day Turkey.


Vergina is one of those finds which archaeologists dream about – a well preserved discovery, proven association with a famous historical person, and real treasure!

In 1977 the find was made by Professor Manolis Andronikos, who continued the excavations. Vergina is the modern village, and following the discovery the site was identified as Aigai, the ancient capital of the Macedonian kings, together with its cemetery.

The Ancient World

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