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Classics in Athens –in English!

International students enrolled in the first English-language undergraduate degree course at the University of Athens share their experience.
One student from China comments: “After they recently opened outdoor areas, my friends and I visited various interesting historic locations, like the Acropolis, which thrilled me. When contrasting it to the Chinese method of teaching history, this course is far more carefully put together and comprehensive, and all the teaching is supported by historical sources.”

The first English-language undergraduate degree course offered by the University of Athens’ School of Philosophy is focused on archaeology, history, and the literature of ancient Greeks.

The course has students from the West, as well as Asia and the Middle East. One American says: “The combination of educational acquaintance with ancient Greece and living in Greece is irreplaceable. I have been living in Greece for six months now, and, honestly, there is no place I would rather be right now. Thankfully, I live in the center of Athens and even on my daily walks I am surrounded by ancient Greek history.”

The foreign students have the option of participating in Modern Greek classes and/or they can take English lessons. Both free within the course.
This English-language undergraduate degree program has significantly helped the University of Athens climb the international rankings for Classical studies, paving the way for other Greek universities to follow suit.

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Non-Greek professors can design their own academic program to study within Greece–including their choice of the Greek islands.

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