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The world and the internet is full of information and links about ancient Greece and it’s mythology. The Mediterranean is the center and birthplace of our western civilization. Here we have picked timely and relevant news items to entertain and inform you. Also the irrelevant legal stuff 😉

Ancient Greece Interest

The webmaster’s collation of anything and everything related to the ancient Greeks that is found on the world wide web.

New Discoveries

Recent news about archaeological discoveries in Greece. Learn more about the Temple of Artemis on Euboea, New DNA Evidence, a New Look at Old Information and many more new discoveries.

Further Reading

vestor for ancient Greece books

There are countless books about ancient Greek life and myths. Here are a few to enjoy immersing yourself in the culture. For adults and children.

Travel Links

There are many other travel sites which are associated with the Mediterranean and its history. Although this site concentrates on Ancient Greece, you’ll find there are other fascinating places in the Mediterranean which you might like to learn about and perhaps visit.

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