Humor for ancient Greeks

An ancient Greek professor goes to a ­tailor to get his trousers mended. The tailor asks: “Euripides?” The professor replies: “Yes. Eumenides?” This is worthy of a Christmas cracker joke as long as you are up on ancient Greece. Euripides (480 – 406BC), pronounced like “You-rip-a-these”, was a great Athenian playwright and The Eumenides, “You-mend-a-these”,Continue reading “Humor for ancient Greeks”

Fun Activities to Do In Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s largest and most popular city. This city has a lot of tourist attractions to offer to both locals and tourists. From the Sydney Opera House to Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, there are so many attractions you can explore in this beautiful city.   If you are planning aContinue reading “Fun Activities to Do In Sydney”

ToposText: Ancient meets App

With this app you can walk, ride or drive through the Greek countryside and not only identify the ruins along the road but also read what the ancients themselves had to say about them. ToposText maps more than 5,000 places connected with the ancient Greek world: ancient cities and shrines, medieval castles and towers, modernContinue reading “ToposText: Ancient meets App”

Print Your Own Artifacts

3D printing has long been touted in the investment news as the wave of the future but it didn’t hit home to me until I saw this headline for a CNET article: “3D print your own ancient artefacts for a home museum” That article was about a startup company that went to various museums to scan their artifactsContinue reading “Print Your Own Artifacts”

How Interconnected was the Ancient World?

New research reveals that the famous terracotta warrior army buried near Xi’an, China was directly influenced by ancient Greek sculpture.  There has been no previous archaeological record or written evidence of interaction between these cultures.  Yet students of history are familiar with many legends and myths that hint at a network of ancient travellers that disbursed technicalContinue reading “How Interconnected was the Ancient World?”