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Empty is the argument of the philosopher which does not relieve any human suffering.

— Epicurus

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Ephesus is an ancient Greek city dating back to 10th century B.C. when it was built on the site of an even more ancient city in present day Turkey. Yet today the elaborate ruins are all ancient Roman; that combined with many other cultural sites in the vicinity make it well worth the journey.

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How To Travel With Friends

Holidaying with friends can be a fantastic thing to do and a remarkably fun and exciting experience. However, it’s always best to be aware of things before you do. Here are some tips to travel with friends.
1. Consider What Everyone Wants
This should be the first thing that comes to your mind whenever planning a trip with friends. This should be done before you can even discuss their plans. Let’s say you want to travel to Greece; take into consideration the places you would wish to visit, and where your friends would want to go. Many people will, in most instances, follow the majority rule. This is to say, although you prefer to go to the ‘ruins,’ for example, the larger percentage of your friends might only want to go to the beaches. Unless you are willing to follow the majority and respect their decision, you will be in for a huge disappointment.
While your friends might not see the point of going to see the ruins, it wouldn’t be wise to cancel the trip altogether. There are several ways of persuading them (more into that later). Have your friends ‘wants’ at heart when planning a trip with them.
2. The Mode of Travel That Everyone Prefers
You might be comfortable taking public transport or even walking around to see the scenery. Does any of your friend think the same as you? This is a question you should ask yourself ahead of planning the trip. While you’d prefer public transport, most of your friends might (will) want to use a private car or a rental car. Some of them will even want to spend the night in a luxury hotel in their suite. As mentioned earlier, consider these before planning the trip.
3. Everyone Needs A Quiet Time
We all need some ‘me’ time even when traveling with friends. Just because you want quiet time alone doesn’t mean you are an antisocial or something. It simply means you need time to reflect back on various things. Some, or one of your friends might prefer to watch Netflix while traveling, while you would want to listen to music with your headphones as you check your emails. Whatever activities you like doing alone, letting your friends know you wish to have some ‘me’ time is recommended. Factor in point 4 when doing this.
4. Understand Some Activities Don’t Require Group Involvement
Although you might be traveling as a group, you needn’t involve everyone in everything.  Some of you might want to see the ‘ruins’ and the others the ‘beaches.’ Splitting makes the trip worthwhile and adventurous and even made a lively conversation at dinner.
5. Be Flexible
Relationships and life are all about compromises. Learn to be flexible when traveling in the company of friends. Doing this will make the trip worthwhile and even more fun. One of your friends might be worried about money, the other accommodations, and one a finicky eater, learn to understand all in the same way they understand you with your flaws.
While it is good to stand your ground when you have to, you should also be flexible most of the times. Being flexible enables the group to come back together happier and even want a repeat of the same. Many people, however, struggle with this and only want to do what they consider right without thinking of their friends’ likes and dislikes.
6. Don’t Be Passive
Don’t leave all significant decisions to your friends. They too would be happy if you pitched in in decision making. While you may be comfortable with all the choices they make, there are times when you need to object if it seems too extreme, or even make suggestions on current plans.
7. Don’t Focus on The Money
Money can cause division even in the most solid of friendships. That said, do not focus more on money but instead, on the reason, you went for the trip. Unless one of your friends is cheating or skimming knowingly, direct your attention to something else. There is a reason why you invited this person to the trip. Have this in mind before confronting the person. It would be advisable to have an agreement on how much each of you should contribute to the trip to avoid any major complications and misunderstandings. 
8. Discuss Split Meals Ahead of Time
Always have a money plan before setting off for the trip. While each one might be required to contribute a certain amount, factors such as meals and places to visit should be tabled ahead of time. Unless you all have a similar income level, there’s definitely someone who might not afford the most expensive meals and another that can afford it all. That said, it would be best to discuss split meals with your friends. No one would want to foot a $400 bill or split when all he/she was a glass of wine or pasta. Save yourself the embarrassment by discussing how you will have your meals. It’s probably best if you approach this topic with caution.
9. Avoid Making Decisions When Stressed or Hungry
Never make any major decisions when stressed or hungry. Such decisions can ruin your friendship or even come with some dire consequences to all of you. Stress can impact your ability to make decisions significantly. That said, it would be best if you can learn to manage stress, especially when in the company of your friends. Get some food if hunger drives you into becoming unreasonable.
10. Communication is Key
Learn to talk even when stressed. Anything and everything can go wrong in a group dynamic. A slight mistake, left unchecked, can swirl into a tornado or toxic within a matter of minutes. That said, learn to address issues when they arise, and if possible, apologize for mistakes made. Most men would rather keep quiet rather than argue. Nonetheless, it would be best if you have an awkward discussion rather than find yourself in a fiery argument.

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