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4 Most Iconic Places to Visit in the World

Are you seeking culturally enriching experiences that will change your life forever? With so many incredible world landmarks, how can you decide which ones to visit? We have listed some of the most iconic places to visit in the entire world for you. So read and browse, pack your bags, and get ready for a trip of a lifetime! 

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Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Stunning remains of a great ancient empire await you at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The mystical city has dozens of incredible temples to visit. The spires rise into the sky, telling a forgotten tale of greatness and magnificence. You will never, ever be the same. 

When you visit Angkor Wat, be sure to ask about the famous bike tour from Siem Reap. Walk through the temples with local guides to truly soak up the history. Private helicopter rides are available. Look into packages that include delicious local meals and exciting entertainment. Don’t forget preplanning figuring out which travel insurance is best overseas. Call ahead to make the most of this famous world heritage site. 

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St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

Lovers of fine art and rich cultural history will get lost at St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. One of the grandest and most significant Catholic churches on earth, the church boasts incredible art by the Italian masters. Enjoy the works of Bernini and Michelangelo. 

For those who want a special trip, look into the Vatican VIP Experience. Have early access to the memorable Sistine Chapel and the Vatican museum. Tour Raphael’s Rooms with your guide and group. The guided tour is well worth the trip, and includes access to the gorgeous Vatican Gardens. 

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The Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba 

Embodying the beauty of both Islamic and Christian cultures, the Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba, near Seville, has incredible tourist must-see spots nearby like the Cordoba Synagogue, the Callegja de las Flores, and the Alcazar. 

Take advantage of the guided tours to catch every bit of important history. Find out about the unique Moorish architecture. Look for travel packages including the Cordoba Old Town Evening Walking Tour. You will enjoy local food and entertainment like no other with the help of your local guides.

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Taj Mahal, Agra, India

No list of must-see iconic landmarks would be complete without a tour of the Taj Mahal. The Indo-Islamic architecture remains one of the most iconic in the entire world. You can cannot comprehend the pure magnificence and beauty of the Taj Mahal until you walk in the courtyards and see the gorgeous sites for yourself. 

Book a special private tour to take advantage of the complete Taj Mahal experience. The Yamuna River Boat Ride remains one of the most awe-inspiring experiences. Photographers will enjoy the immense beauty and unforgettable landscape from the vantage point of the Yamuna River. Quite an extraordinary experience. 

Enjoy true adventure, rich history, and unforgettable architecture with these incredible iconic world sites. While there is not room here to list all the world’s most awe-inspiring sites, a visit to any of these locations will change your life forever. 

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