Since investigating this category I have been amazed at how many cleaver learning aids are available to teachers.  I will try and highlight some of them as we pursue this topic.

Some Examples

The Latest:

Looks like Fun — and educational!

Kids guide to ancient Greece

A snappy, informative travel guide containing information vital to the sensible time traveler.

Buddy the dog odyssey

In this story, Greek mythology comes alive as Buddy wanders among the ruins of Ancient Greece.

In late 2020 the Acropolis Museum greatly extended their web site to include innumerable photos of exhibitions and collections. However, the best part for primary educators is a new web site dedicated to primary age children. It is so good; you have to check it out! ACROPOLIS MUSEUM KIDS


I don’t know much about; how much you get for free and how much you have to pay for. But I was impressed with the free videos found under GACE History: Ancient Greece

I just discovered free lesson plans from Kids Discover for Ancient Greece and other subjects.  “Teacher’s Guides and Power Vocabulary guides formerly valued at $7.98, our guides feature discussion prompts, reading assessments, nonfiction skills pages, vocabulary flashcards, word matching, crossword puzzles, dictionary lists—basically, everything you need to seamlessly integrate KIDS DISCOVER into your curriculum.”

Wow, I am really impressed with the quality of a new BBC audio series Tales from Ancient Greece   They say “particularly suitable for children aged 9 to 11” but I think anybody with a little imagination and an interest in Greek mythology will enjoy them.

Lego ancient Greece
Lego Ancient Greece
To fully appreciate both the craftsmanship and scholarship of this endeavor go the creator’s photo album: Lasse Vestergård

Your field trip

The primary purpose of this page is to plant the idea of the ultimate field trip for the learning and understanding of the place of ancient Greece in the development of western civilization.

My associates and I are fully qualified and experienced at the easy job of mixing fun and education in Greece and the Greek islands.  We have been hosting family vacations for many years as well as conducting workshops and study abroad programs for those 17 to 70 plus.  Now we offering custom tours for primary teachers and their students, both for schools and for home schools.

You tell us what sites you want to visit or what curriculum points you want to emphasize and we draft an affordable itinerary.  We then work as a team to achieve the right mix of antiquities and beaches for your student’s life-changing journey.

Drios beach, Paros
rock grooves
Drios beach Paros

In this photo the long grooves in the rock appear to be natural but most people upon examining them think they were hand-carved in ancient times.  This unresolved question can be a stimulus to much thinking about life then versus now, including the changing water levels in the Aegean Sea.

See more details on the Secondary Educators page

How a Love for Languages Supplements This Retired Teacher’s Pension

To help get your students excited about ancient Greece I recommend Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series.

5 book series of Percy Jackson

Family Travel

Recently I read a travel article about a young couple trying to decide between having children or fulfilling their other dream of living and working abroad. They seemed to think the two were mutually exclusive. Based on the families that I have met that is definitely not the case. Although travelling with young children has numerous difficulties, as does living and working abroad, the combination produces a great many family benefits. The main one I have noticed is very strong family bonding. Here is a link to an extensive article by LoveHolidays that elaborates on others, mainly child development.

cartoon runner with Olympic torch

Top video and other games for authentic ancient Greek backdrops

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