Mykonos is a Gateway to Ancient Greece

The Greek island Mykonos is a beautiful gemstone in the sparkling Mediterranean.
It is a popular tourist destination where visitors come to take advantage of the many amenities on the island — especially the glitzy nightlife.  Yet many people come because of the beautiful beaches and the abundance of water activities. Whether you jet ski, scuba, snorkel, or sail, Mykonos is the upscale vacation destination to do them all.

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

People also come to Mykonos because of the wonderful food. Whether you like Michelin chef International Cuisine or local Greek food served by family-owned restaurants; Foodies are sure to be satisfied with their options.

Not to be overlooked, Mykonos is also a treasure trove of history. The island was an important part of ancient Greece and as a result many temples and other important architectural buildings were constructed here.

Here are a few of the architectural an archaeological finds on Mykonos.

Thule Tomb

When the Tharroe of Mykonos luxury hotel was under construction digging commenced on a site in Mykonos that had not been disturbed in nearly 2,000 years. Early into the digging of the foundation the crew came upon a structure buried beneath the dirt. It turned out to be one of the greatest anthropological finds on Mykonos. The workers had discovered a 2nd century BC tomb of an unknown wealthy citizen of the ancient city. Today it is a tourist sit that holds a circular structure built of large stones that were transported here long ago. The Mykonos government cares for the site today to ensure that it is available for viewing.

Kastro Panigaraki

This ancient structure is mostly crumbing but its outline is still intact, and it represents a great example of the type of building constructed on the island long ago. Located down a very narrow winding road that is just off the main road leading into town, it is an amazing complex of stone walls that zig-zag down the hill side. Visitors can see and explore the remains using concrete paths that have been laid.

Archaeological Site of Ftelia

Ftelia is a large semi-secluded beach that sits between Chora and Ano Mera. In a small area of the beach are ancient ruins that are small but large in their historical value to the island. It is surmised that these might actually be the oldest ruins on Mykonos.

From Mykonos you can also visit the nearby island of Delos which holds the Temple of Apollo and other Greek ruins. Merely a 30 minute boat ride away, Delos offers some of the best architectural ruins and most important in all of Greece. If Mykonos is not your style, Delos can be visited as a day trip from other nearby islands as well.

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