Gates of Athens

Persia vs Athens: Including the Persian point of view . . .

On the plains of Marathon an army of slaves gathers . . .

Under Darius the Great, King of Kings, the mighty Persian army – swollen by 10,000 Immortal warriors – have come to subjugate the Greeks. In their path, vastly outnumbered, stands an army of freeborn Athenians, and among them is clever, fearsome and cunning soldier-statesman, Xanthippus.

Featuring two of the most famous battles of the Ancient World – the Battle of Marathon and the Last Stand at Thermopylae – The Gates of Athens is a bravura piece of storytelling in which a people, driven to preserve their freedom at any cost, committed acts both base and noble.

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First of a series. You can’t do better at making history and myth real than Conn Iggulden.

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