Studying in the cradle of European civilization

Classics in Athens –in English! International students enrolled in the first English-language undergraduate degree course at the University of Athens share their experience.One student from China comments: “After they recently opened outdoor areas, my friends and I visited various interesting historic locations, like the Acropolis, which thrilled me. When contrasting it to the Chinese methodContinue reading “Studying in the cradle of European civilization”

When Turkey was Greek

In modern times this is a controversial subject so this article relates to ancient times only—only B.C., nothing Common Era.Also I highlight just five ancient Greek cities in what is now Turkey; there are many others, including the most famous, Troy. These five have extensive remains that can be easily visited and viewed.I phrase itContinue reading “When Turkey was Greek”

Best Ancient Greece Games

Visit Ancient Greece while playing games? Yes, gamers can become scholars by playing these games with realistic backdrops. Recommended by a Greek in the Greek Reporter. Spartan Wars: Blood And Fire — A real-time mobile game with very high reviews. Hegemony Gold: Wars Of Ancient Greece Rale-time video game with battle strategy of Phillip IIContinue reading “Best Ancient Greece Games”