ToposText: Ancient meets App

With this app you can walk, ride or drive through the Greek countryside and not only identify the ruins along the road but also read what the ancients themselves had to say about them. ToposText maps more than 5,000 places connected with the ancient Greek world: ancient cities and shrines, medieval castles and towers, modernContinue reading “ToposText: Ancient meets App”

Map of Corinth Greece

Getting there Ancient Corinth Greece is easy to visit if you are staying in Athens. Just sign up for one of the many coach tours which operate most of the year. They usually last half a day. You can book them via your hotel or with local travel agencies. The one drawback to a coachContinue reading “Map of Corinth Greece”

Corinth History

As with most ancient cities, Corinth history tells us that the importance of the city was due to the location. The city grew in an area which controlled the only land access to the Peloponnese from the north. Although sea travel could be dangerous, the mountainous nature of Greece made trade by land almost impossible.Continue reading “Corinth History”

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