Map of Corinth Greece

Getting there

Ancient Corinth Greece is easy to visit if you are staying in Athens. Just sign up for one of the many coach tours which operate most of the year. They usually last half a day. You can book them via your hotel or with local travel agencies.

The one drawback to a coach tour is you won’t have enough time to explore Acrocorinth. If you’re an enthusiast for all things ancient and like to take your time, then you may want to make your own way there.

If you have a car, then Corinth Greece is easy to get to. But don’t make the mistake of going to modern Corinth and looking for the ancient city. As you can see from the map, ancient Corinth is about 7km southwest of the modern city.

The main bus station

A common mistake is to think you can get to the rest of the Peloponnese from the Corinth bus station.

The place to catch buses to other parts of the Peloponnese is the Corinth Isthmus KTEL bus station, just next to the Corinth canal. You can get there from Corinth by taking a local bus to Loutraki.

You can get to Corinth from Athens by train or bus. The bus is probably the easiest, and take about one and a half hours. It leaves from the KTEL bus terminal A, but note that this is not in the centre of Athens, but about 7km to the northwest.

To use the train, take the public transport to Kiato and change there for the train to Corinth. These are run by the OSE train services.

When you get to Corinth, you can take a bus from the KTEL bus station to ancient Corinth.

If you want to take your time over a visit to ancient Corinth Greece, then consider staying a night in the village which surrounds the ancient site. You might want to book in advance though, especially if you visit in the high season.

Corinth bus station: Tel: 27410 75424.

Map of the area

This map shows you where Corinth and Acrocorinth are in relation to modern Corinth (just hover your mouse over the red markers). You can use the controls to zoom in and out of the map, and you can move the map around by holding down your mouse button and moving the mouse around. The “Satellite” view is useful when you look at Acrocorinth, especially its size. In this case the Street View is quite good; you can see most of ancient Corinth and have Acrocorinth in the background.

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