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agora of Athens

How better to understand and appreciate Socrates than by standing in the Athens agora where he taught, while inspired by the mathematics of the beautiful Parthenon looming above?  The learning liberally dosed with the rewards of windsurfing in the cool breezes and warm waters of the Greek islands.

ancient arch at Naxos port

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Yes, you can provide the ultimate school trip at economical prices.  The hallmarks of our offering are 100% flexibility and affordable cost. We can provide one week on Paros including accommodation, meals, workshops and tourist activities and antiquities for as low as $500 per participant. Excluding air fare your two week odyssey to classical Greece can be budgeted for an economic $1,200 per student with faculty free.

In Greece and the Greek islands you can literally walk in the footsteps of the ancients to visit structures that are over three thousand years old within a few minutes’ from sandy beaches.

These sites include the historical foundation of our western civilization: art, literature, democracy, you name it and you can see where it developed in Greece.

Delphi, Corinth, Olympia, Mycenae--any site in the left Menu.  Each site has a combination of ruins of the original structures, reconstructions and exhibits and plentiful explanatory materials in English and other languages.  You can self-guide or we can provide professional guides as an optional extra.

It is on the Greek islands, however, that the concept of antiquities at the beach reaches its zenith.  Delos, the temple island near Mykonos, is the most famous but each major island has a huge variety of local sites that can serve as a teaching tool and point of creative reflection.

We know how to bypass the turmoil around the capital in Athens and head for the regional towns or the islands.  The local Greek people are genuinely proud of their hospitality and ability to offer authentic experiences--now at prices that will never be lower.

Our experience will enhance your experience to create a custom itinerary to suit your interests as well as attract students to the Greek island lifestyle of sun, sea and sport.  Our more popular island offerings include:

Photography    Yoga   

Scuba    Snorkeling    Sailing

Painting: Oil, Watercolor or Acrylic    Ceramics

Horseback Riding (in the sea)

Greek Cooking    Windsurfing

Greek history, culture and antiquities, of course!

Upon enquiry we can provide a more extensive list as well as respond to your specific request. Paros has a great wealth of experienced instructors and activities--as well as antiquities.

Truly there are too many variations and alternatives in schedule, accommodation, food and activities to describe. Please contact us with what you want in a Greek odyssey and we will respond with an estimated cost. From there we can progress together to create a memorable experience.


Horse back riding on Paros, in the sea 



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