Ancient Athens Greece

Ancient Athens Greece has probably had more photos taken of it, and more books written about it, than anywhere else. A relatively small area, it contains a multitude of archaeological treasures, dating back over 2,500 years.

Most visitors to Athens are interested to a certain extent in the history of this ancient polis. But if you're like me, your interest goes much deeper.

This is why I created this website. It's purpose is to encourage visitors to explore in greater detail the history and culture of ancient Greece. It's a place where people can find out a little more about the subject of ancient Greece than just a cursory touristy glance would provide, and come to appreciate the genius and creative energy which went into forming a great civilization.

New Discoveries

New discoveries are being made all the time throughout Greece. Whenever foundations are dug for a new building in Athens, Thessaloniki or any ancient location, work is held up because more archaeological finds are discovered and have to be investigated. The various countries who have archaeological 'schools' in Greece are constantly finding out more about life in the ancient world.  Please contact us with any information you think would be of interest on our New Discoveries page.

Updates of Ancient Greece Interest

Nearly on a daily basis I find items of interest to the ancientgrecophile. Check out the Ancient Greek Interest page for the latest news and a touch of weird.

A chance to share your experiences

But modern website technology also allows for a two way exchange. Now you can contribute to this website with your own thoughts, viewpoints and photos.

We are happy to publish any submissions that contribute to the understanding or appreciation of ancient Greece.  Just contact us.  Especially welcome are personal tips or anecdotes from your visit to ancient Greece.


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