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Print Your Own Artifacts:

3D printing has long been touted in the investment news as the wave of the future but it didn’t hit home to me until I saw this headline for a CNET article: “3D print your own ancient artefacts for a home museum” That article was about a startup company that went to various museums to scan their artifacts and sell downloadable templates for your home or office 3D printer.

The article comments led me to discover than many museums offer a similar service, including the British Museum and Smithonian.  Another museum offers free 3D models on their web site of Egyptian Archaeology.

Since this is all new to me it does carry a big WOW factor.  The potential for education is immense; for home decoration even more lucrative.   And that is just what I can think of immediately.  How would YOU benefit from a 3D artefacts and artworks?


Colossal marble bust of Zeus by britishmuseum on Sketchfab


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